Top 5 Tuesdays : Who inspires me as an artist

So here it goes, my­­­­ first literary blog. First of many, hopefully. Since this is the first of my Top 5 Tuesdays, I figured I would start with the beginning - where I started and where I began to learn what I love to do today. In no particular order, here are the Top 5 photographers who have influenced me the most.



Stec Photo




I remember looking at a friend's wedding photos 7 years ago, and just being in awe. I quickly realized that wedding photography was no longer like our parents' wedding photos. There was style, there were cool angles, and there was fun. There was ART! It wasn’t just line-ups of groomsmen under a tree or bridesmaids holding flowers behind their backs! I remember seeing a photo of the groom laughing while at the alter and shots of real emotion between the couple. Special moments quietly captured. Stec is really good at catching that sort of thing and I was hooked. Instantly I was attracted to lifestyle photography and immediately started searching for my first DSLR camera. I ended up buying a Canon XT, which I learned on and quickly outgrew.




Bryan Caporicci Photography





I stumbled upon Bryan’s site when I started actually looking into stylized wedding photography. I think it was my friends Christa and Chris Cicchino’s wedding where I really took notice. I remember just being in awe of his image quality. Look at his stuff, you’ll be amazed. The clarity of the subject and the bokeh of the scenery will catch anyone’s eye. And then what has really influenced me got my attention - the way he “posed” wedding parties. People dressed to the nines, carefully arranged to look natural and comfortable. Hands in pockets, flowers held up or held to the side; people sitting and people standing behind other people. Unreal. I told myself  “I need to learn to do this. It sets him apart, and I’ll set myself apart this way too”



Rob Nelson Photography





Much before getting into wedding photography, there was a bit of photography curiosity in me. I would make time to look at photos my long time friend, Rob, whom I have known since Grade 4, would take on his many canoe trips up North. You’ll notice by the photo I have included, that his genre isn’t weddings. It’s the wild outdoors and more recently cityscapes (at night, of course). He spends countless hours at night taking photos of the stars and, if he’s lucky, some northern lights and glowing city streets. It is shooting lanscapes and skyscapes that is the hobby part of photography for me. It really helps me enjoy the gift I have been given, outside of the day to day stuff that I am blessed to be able to shoot. I’ve learned a lot of technical skills from him and he’s the guy who pushed Lightroom (God’s gift to photo editors) on me. Thanks for that, Rob! We’ve gone out on evenings together just to shoot local scenery, and I always come away having learned some new trick or something neat. By the way, all his stuff is available for purchase. Be sure to check out his site!



Mike Boekestyn





By far the guy whom I talk shop the most with. We’ve had countless text conversations, facebook messaging sessions, and spent hours chatting after church about our shared passion. Over the past year, the shooting style that charms him most has really made me take a new approach to my style to make my craft even more my own. I look at my subjects totally different now. He has a great thirst for the art, and he also understands the whole business side of things. If I had to pin it down to one thing that influences me the most about his stuff, it's how scene simplicity and being minimal are your friend. Oh, and his compositions are great. He’ll tell you that he knows nothing yet about the trade, but I beg to differ. I look forward to learning our craft and honing it together over the coming years.



Gene Pease






This guy is awesome. Mike B actually turned me onto him, so I guess that’s a another point for him. Gene has an amazing taste that I don’t think anyone can duplicate. He sees opportunities differently. He shoots in film so its just fun to look at his images. The tones he comes up with are my favourite. It’s Gene’s attention to the mood and the story of the event that inspire me. He’ll be able to capture a whole wedding reception’s mood and feel in one amazing shot. If I can learn how to compose a photograph like this guy, I’d be a very happy man. 

all photos posted in this entry property of respective photographers as listed.