Hey there,

I'm Jeremy. James is my middle name. 

I am a Niagara based contemporary lifestyle photographer specializing in weddings. Although I am Niagara based, I serve the southern Ontario Region, including Toronto, Hamilton and beyond! I love a timeless style that is classic as well as modern. Some would say that I have a hands-on style, where I like to show you how to pose, and suggest how to hold on to your loved ones to make the photo look natural and relaxed. I am really easy going and eager to please, always looking to make sure you are having a great time during the shoot.


A few personal things – I love God, My wife and 4 little kids, Hockey, Baseball and a good rye on the rocks (I'm always accepting thank-you gifts, haha!). I’m a bit of a tech geek, but I always find I am learning something new and nerdy that I should have known for ages already. I love to stay in the loop both socially and in current events.

I love my iPhone, my iMac and all things Apple. I’ve also been told I’m funny.  Get to know me, and find out!