Tyler + Erika: You're the 1

I met up with Erika and Tyler, who plan to be married next May, in Port Dalhousie a few Saturdays ago. It was a busy place with lots and lots of people just enjoying the sunshine, so it was going to be a bit of a challenge to try to get some "alone" shots and to keep people from being in the background. Challenge accepted! We started out by the carousel, then made our way down to the beach and along the water. With both of them being dressed so well, they probably commanded respect and space. Haha! I think people tried to just give us space to do our thing. 

In the end of it all, with a lot of shooting in direct sunlight, I was able to nail down alot of simple minimalistic shots that really made this couple pop. Erika is a beauty, and Tyler is the best non-smiler I have ever worked with. It made for some great flicks, and a neat GIF at the end of the shoot. Fun stuff!

Come take a stroll, its a great late afternoon for a walk along the water!